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Lake Hodges Bowls Club Gets Help From Eagle Scout Project

bowls boxes smallThe boxes used to carry out club bowls to the greens were unwieldy and falling apart.  We never knew when the handles might give out or the boxes would split, sending bowls rolling everywhere.  We had no skilled woodworkers among our members.  Enter a Boy Scout in need of a project to apply for his Eagle Scout ranking.

Brian Babbe, Troop 295 of San Diego, took on the project of making new boxes for us.  In order for his project to meet Scout requirements, Brian had to meet with us to learn our requirements, design the boxes, earn money to pay for the materials, put together and supervise a team of workers to build the boxes, and put on all the finishing touches.

The result was 23 brand new, stackable boxes, making better use of our bowls shed space.  Why only 23 boxes, rather than 24, you ask?  Well, Brian explained that one went by the wayside when he used his dad's tape to measure out the pieces and he discovered that the tape was off by 1/8 of an inch.

Another Scout in Brian's troop, Josh Hicok, is in the process of making new scoreboards for us, too.

Here is a photo of Brian and the new boxes.






Are you a backyard bocce player without a back yard to play in?  Well, then, grab your set of bocce balls and come on out to Lake Hodges Bowls Club.  We have a nice flat surface for you to play on to your heart's content.  Sure, it's not a formal bocce court with side bumpers, but you won't have to contend with ruts, bumps, and gopher holes! 

Okay, so you're interested, right?  And you're wondering about the details -- days, times, cost.  Here's the scoop: 

- You can come anytime we have scheduled social bowls games (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday at 1:00) for $5 per person.

- Wanna be able to play at other times?  Consider joining our bowls club and you can have access at any time. 


Wow! Showing Our Colors

Check out the US Open Grand Finals HERE.

Time was that when people watched lawn bowling, it was pretty much like seeing a black and white movie -- people dressed in white, rolling black (or sometimes brown) elliptical "balls".  BUT, if you've taken a look lately, you'll see bowls (that's what we call the balls) in a wide assortment of colors.  This photo shows the eye-popping array of colored bowls that were placed on our green for a recent triples game.  WOW! 

 And there wasn't much show of emotion during the course of a game either.  If you want to see some emotion, check out the Grand Finals from the 2012 US Open.   


While we still wear whites for some occasions (like tournaments), team colors are now encouraged so you can tell who's on which team.  (What a concept!)  For social games, Lake Hodges Bowls Club doesn't require people to wear whites at all.

 Colored clothing, colored bowls, animation on the green -- it all makes for a much more interesting view.  Oh, we still observe the traditional courtesies and sportsmanship that bowls is known for, but if you like some pizazz in your sport, we've got it all!  Come out and see for yourself.  Better yet, come try it. 

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Lake Hodges Bowls Club

18402 W. Bernardo Dr.

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